Aiming to achieve both environmental conservation and business activities.

As NIPPON FUSSO recognizes that the environmental conservation is one of most important matter, our corporate activity has to be conducted, and monitored whether or not it is friendly to people and the environment for preserving the global environment, and for harmonizing with the environment.

ISO activities

In 2004, NIPPON FUSSO was certified by integrated audit of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 at our major domestic business locations (headquarters, Main Plant, Minami Osaka Plant, Saitama Plant, etc).

Environmental management system ISO 14001

We consider that corporate activities in 21st century is not only for economic; also environmental.

All NIPPON FUSSO members will contribute to more prosperous human life through the development of environmental technologies, effective use of resources and energy, collaboration with local communities, related companies, as well as governmental agencies.

We feel very strong responsibility towards many people related to the process from production to consumption in order to reach more higher quality levels.

ISO14001 certification is our promise of protecting the environment to all people and the earth.

Environmental Policy

NIPPON FUSSO Group complies with the "Philosophy" stated above, and also with the "Environmental Policy" stated below. And, through our environmental activity, we aim to promote environmental conservation and harmonization of environment and our corporate activity.

  1. To enhance the environmental conservation activity, all employees always have to consider the environmental aspect related to the product and service.
    Further, the environmental plan and goal which aims to prevent the environmental pollution have to be settled, and are checked and modified periodically.
  2. All related environmental laws, agreement, and ordinance to our corporate activity have to be complied and we continue to undertake our best possible economically and technically practice for our environmental conservation activity.
  3. Following ISO14001, we will construct environmental management system, and continuously improve our activity.
  4. The below 6 themes set as most important to our company.
    1. Thorough storage and management of environmentally hazardous chemical substances and reduction of their use.
    2. Reduction of energy consumption through efficient use.
    3. Reduce emissions of air and water pollutants.
    4. Reduction of materials used, promotion of resource reuse, reduction of waste and promotion of recycling.
    5. Establishment of development, design, and manufacturing technologies that take environmental issues into consideration.
    6. Reliable implementation of technical services and repair services that contribute to the reduction of customers' environmental impact.
  5. Undertaking the education, and the training to both employees at NIPPON FUSSO Group, and the employees at partners, we enhance the depth of understanding the environment, and encourage active participation in environmental conservation activities.
  6. This environmental policy is spreaded and informed by documents to all group employees and open to the 3rd party.