Best fluoropolymer coating assures the best performance under the severe using condition.

We believe the coating performance will be dependant upon how to make layer, baking condition, and also the coating compound.
NIPPON FUSSO has piled up the application record and coating know-how for decades. We will use this record and know-how to select and propose the suitable coating to our customers.
In addition to above know-how, NIPPON FUSSO is the first fluoropolymer coating company to obtain ISO9001 in Japan to strengthen our quality control management.
This ISO activity obviously helps our customers to rely on our quality level and with this best quality level, we are happy to help our customers' issue.

ISO activities

In 2004, NIPPON FUSSO was certified by integrated audit of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 at our major domestic business locations (headquarters, Main Plant, Minami Osaka Plant, Saitama Plant, etc).

Quality management system ISO9001

NIPPON FUSSO received ISO 9001 certification in September 1999.

We consider this was just a result for our present technology development and quality control; NOT a destination. Nothing is more important for us than the fact that our technologies are used in various process and transformed into something in the world.

We feel very strong responsibility towards many people related to the process from production to consumption in order to reach more higher quality levels.

With our ISO 9001 certification as a trigger, we will strive for further progress as a company which is beneficial for society and for all people.

ISO 9001 certification
ISO 9001 certification

Management Policy

NIPPON FUSSO products are all environmental products.
Continuing our environmental activities by creating and selling products that our customers can trust.

NIPPON FUSSO product contributes to quality improvement and reduction of environmental burdens of customer by properties of fluoropolymer. We develop environmental products, and manufacture and sell trustworthy products. Management principles of entire activities concerning quality and the environment are established as below.

  1. Through the sales promotion of NIPPON FUSSO products, we continuously contribute to an improvement in our customers' environments, and dedicate ourselves to preservation of the natural environment.
  2. In order to provide reliable products, NIPPON FUSSO delivers products of high performance and high quality within the scheduled timeframe.
  3. By developing new environmental products, we support our customers' environmental improvement activities.
  4. The entire activities of our company, our products and services must comply with environmental regulations, agreements and the any other requirements.
  5. We consider the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services. Based on its review, our environmental targets, objectives and plans are defined and implemented annually through CEO's policy.
  6. We implement reliable technical services and repair services, which contribute to a reduction in environmental burden for our customers.
  7. These management principles are written, shared with all staff members and other related persons and disclosed outside the company.