Message from CEO

Since NIPPON FUSSO was founded in 1964, we have been thriving on the joy and excitement of contributing to an innovation in various industries through tackling and co-working directly with our customers to resolve their challenges.

Last decades, we are seeing that world has been changing rapidly, and dynamically by introducing the new technology such as IoT, EV, big data and also AI. Further, recent COVID-19 brought this movement and adoption of these new technologies accelerated and our lifestyle, work style has been dramatically changed.

NIPPON FUSSO Group is proud of our position as a leading company in our field, and continue to develop and deliver the cutting edge surface treatment technology to the customers to fulfill our philosophy, "solving your problems is our philosophy".

CEO, Satoru Toyooka

CEO, Satoru Toyooka



"Observe fidelity and respect propriety"

From the beginning of the company foundation, we respect this company creed and this creed creates our company culture.

Our actions to the society should be always considered to follow this creed. And we believe, in the result of our actions, in bringing a trustworthy relationship with all stakeholders.

Management Policy

"Good Company".

We strive to improve our Technology, Quality, and Service level for contributing an innovation of various industries.

We consider that NIPPON FUSSO is the place where the every single employee can grow. NIPPON FUSSO, as a team, makes a best effort to maximize the performance and provides the possible best solution to the customer's challenge.