3 Reasons Why NIPPON FUSSO ?


Leading company of fluoropolymer coating in the world

Our fluoropolymer coating has been applied to various products and production facilities of customers with materials optimized for their purpose and gives them new properties and functions.
As a leading company in baked-type of fluoropolymer coating, we strives to respond to our customers' expectations with high level of technology.


Sales, Production, and R&D work together closely to solve the customers' problems

Customers face a wide range of challenges. In order to improve the value and functions of our customers' products and production facilities, NIPPON FUSSO unifies Sales, Production, and R&D as ONE team to provide the best solution sales to our customers.
To respond our customers' goal, especially, our R&D will play a big role for analyzing the current issues, and also developing the original compound/process for our customers.
In addition to solving current problems, we challenges to realize what goes beyond the customer's request, aiming to be the best partner for customers.

Customer's Best Partner

  • Identify

  • Technical and

  • Japanese


Solutions BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of situations where production activities are suspended due to lockdowns due to COVID-19 and damage caused by natural disasters.

As part of measures against such situations, NIPPON FUSSO has overseas factories in Korea and Thailand which are rare in the fluoropolymer coating industry, and also has partners in Europe. This allows us to contribute to the BCP of our customers.

In addition, since we are deepening technical cooperation between each factory, it is also possible to provide the coating service locally with same quality level to our customers' globalization.