What is fluoropolymer ?

Fluoropolymer is thermoplastic polymers composed of elemental fluorine and carbon chains, which are abundant in fluorite.
Even if it is said that it is a fluoropolymer, there are various types as showing as below.

List of fluoropolymer characteristics´╝łTypical Value´╝ë
Property Unit Test Method PTFE PFA FEP ETFE
Melting Point °C K 6935 12086 D 4591 327 310 260 270
Tensile Strength MPa K 7162 527 D 638 20-35 25-35 20-30 38-42
Elongation % K 7162 527 D 638 200-400 300-350 250-330 300-400
Dynamic Friction Coefficient [0.69MPa, 3m/min] K 6935 D 1894 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K A 1412 8302 C 177 0.23 0.19 0.2 0.24
Max Operating Temp °C K 7226 2578 260 260 200 150
Water Absorption %[24hr] K 7209 62 D 570 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.03
Flame Retardant [3.2 mm thick] K 7140 1210 UL-94 V-0 V-0 V-0 V-0
Chemical Resistance Acid D 543
Organic Solvent

: Not affected by most chemicals and solvents even under harsh conditions.
: Necessary to use some chemicals and solvents with care under certain conditions.

Ref : Japan Fluoropolymers Industry Association "List of fluoropolymer characteristics"

Where Fluoropolymer coating are used ?

With these various excellent properties, fluoropolymer coating is being used in a various fields from household products to the space industry by adding new functions like non-stick, anti-corrosion, and low friction to their surface of substrate.

As a coating material, there are water-based, solvent-based, and powder-based materials. The fluoropolymer coating provider will select the suitable materials and fluoropolymer types based on the requirement and an actual use condition from the customers.

However, need to be noted that just coating fluoropolymer onto the surface of substrate is not good enough...

If you want to maximize the performance of fluoropolymer, understanding its properties and behavior of fluoropolymer correctly, and also reliable technology and process are essential to match the customer's expectation.

How the coating process done ?

As shown below, there are several type of fluoropolymer coating methods. And NF has been applying a baking type process for over 50 years.

Hint : How to select the coating type

  Spray Coating Rotation Lining Loose Lining Sheet Lining Glass Lining
Bonding Strength
between Film and Substrate

with glue
during Process
~ 400°C ~ 400°C N/A N/A ~ 900°C
Processable Shape of Substrate Very flexible. Besides long, small dia plumbing Flexible, but only inside of tank and/or plumbing Basically, only for cylindrical shape The absence of complex convexity The absence of complex convexity
Max Operating Temp*1 ~ 260°C ~ 260°C ~ 260°C ~ 150°C ~ 230°C
Under Negative Pressure
Anti-Chemical (Alkari)
Anti-Chemical (Acid)
Anti-Checamil (Solvent)
Bent Hole N/A N/A
Hardness Soft Soft Soft Soft Hard
but risk for break
On-site Process
Repair / Re-Lining
Only repair
  • : Usable
  • : Usable, but some restriction

*1 Max operation temp will be changed by other condition

* The above chart is written based on NIPPON FUSSO's own research. Further clarification, please contact us.